Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proposal #27: Allow Multi-Year Dues

DRAFT This is a draft proposal which has not yet been voted on by the committee.

Proposed by Chuck Moulton.

  • Problem: We do not accept dues for multiple years (except life memberships). Getting money in advance is good business.

    Dues payments extend membership from the date of receipt, which means a member who renews in July for a membership that expires in January loses 6 months of value. This is not what people expect when they pay their dues early.
  • Solution: Allow multi-year memberships and extend unexpired renewals from the old expiration date rather than the date of receipt.
  • Benefits: Better customer service.

Bylaws of the Libertarian Party


  1. “Sustaining member” is any Party member who has given at least $25 to the Party in the prior twelve months paid yearly dues of $25 to the Party for the 12 month window which includes today, or who is a life member. Multi-year payments shall be allowed, for a maximum of 10 years (excluding life memberships). If a renewal payment is received before expiration, the new expiration date shall be extended from the old expiration date (rather than the date of receipt).


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  1. The problem with this is the same problem as with life memberships. Boards have a tendency to not save enough of the money to cover legacy costs in the event that we do not grow our membership base. Usually such extended multi-year portions give "deals" so encourage us to get money now. Not knowing who is actually going to make the decisions on how money is spent, I'd rather not blindly give them money.