Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proposal #18b: Award Extra Delegate Slots to Elected Libertarians

DRAFT This is a draft proposal which has not yet been voted on by the committee.

Proposed by Aaron Starr.

  • Problem: It is not easy to become an elected Libertarian. Our Libertarian elected officials are important to our development as a successful political party. We need to do more to recognize and involve our elected officials, and acknowledge those state affiliates who are creating an environment that successfully elects Libertarians to office.
  • Solution: Award delegate status to Libertarians who are serving in elected office.
  • Benefits: This proposal will reward those affiliates who get Libertarians elected to office and encourage more elected Libertarians to attend our conventions and share their success stories. By learning more from these individuals first-hand we may encouragemore Libertarians to run successful campaigns in winnable races.

Bylaws of the Libertarian Party


  1. Affiliate Party Delegate Entitlements:
    Each affiliate party shall be entitled to send delegates to each Regular Convention on the following basis:
    1. One delegate for each 0.14 percent, or fraction thereof, of the total Party sustaining membership in that affiliate; provided that at least one such delegate must be a resident of that State or District.
    2. One delegate for each 0.35 percent, or fraction thereof, of the votes cast nationwide for the Libertarian Party candidate in the most recent presidential election, cast in that affiliate's state.
    In addition, each affiliate party shall be entitled to send as delegates those sustaining membersserving in elected public officewho are subject to a vote of the general electorate.Each affiliate party may increase their delegation in this manner by no greater than 25%.


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  1. This proposal impairs the sovereignty of affiliates. (of note is that it is being proposed by someone who has a habit of such acts)

    It's passage would likely result in Oregon leaving this organization. You may be sensing a theme that we are particularly sensitive about our sovereignty. You should be too unless you want to be reduced to vassals and fiefdoms.

    The Libertarian Party of Oregon has an unresolved legal dispute with the LNC Inc resulting from their hiring of the Oregon Republican Party’s Lawyer, then sponsoring his litigation against us to through signing a conflict of interest release in pursuing an agenda of replacing our state party leadership through a sponsored coup, initiated by officers of the LNC at the time and composed of current members of the bylaws committee. Further our delegation was not seated in 2012 due to a poisoned credentials committee which included several of the plaintiffs in the dispute and the Chairperson of the LNC at the time was willing to allow that committee to violate the bylaws and their authority under RROR at the Las Vegas Convention.

    You may consider my statements on this matter bias or experience depending on your disposition.

  2. Different states have rather different numbers of elected public officials. This proposal would create severe unbalances.

    As an alternate, each state and DC has as many representatives as it has electoral votes (perhaps times a constant, e.g. 2) and each of the Territories and associated Commonwealths has a number of delegates in proportion to their population or party membership. The latter would encourage one of our historic gross deficiencies, not organizing in Puerto Rico, to be collected.

  3. I understand the idea, but it's simply a bad idea. Anyone can just sign up and pay the $25 dollars. For less than 25,000 anyone could in theory take over the Libertarian party by simply getting elected R's and D's to become sustaining members showing up at the convention, and electing cronies to ruin the LP.

    I would like to see some change to the way delegates are allocated as stronger LP's who run more candidates should be rewarded as delegates. But nothing guaranteed or anything along those lines.