Saturday, February 15, 2014

ideas not yet proposals

This is a list of ideas not yet drafted into proposals.

  • move LNC elections earlier in the convention agenda, following bylaws report (Jeff Orrok)
  • bylaws and LNC elections in midterm conventions, platform and presidential nominations in presidential conventions (Jeff Orrok) (see proposal #15)
  • require 7/8 to amend Article 17 Section 2 (Jeff Orrok)
  • require the bylaws to be electronically serchable in Article 18 (Jeff Orrok)
  • all LNC members and officers must have been supporting members for the prior two years in order to be eligible to serve (Geoff Neale)
  • no person may serve on more than one Convention committee (Geoff Neale) (see proposal #16)
  • either raise the dues, or give the authority to set dues back to the LNC (but require a 2/3 vote to change the dues) (Geoff Neale) (see proposal #5)
  • no LNC Officer or At-Large position may be filled without a 30 day notice to the membership as a whole, either through an email blast, or in LP News (Geoff Neale)
  • change the order of business at National Conventions - day 1 Bylaws or Platform, Day two LNC, day 3 President, day 4 Platform or Bylaws (Geoff Neale)
  • No fee may be required of any Party member to participate in the business sessions of any Party Convention; however, fees may be required for participation in other convention events. (Nick Sarwark)
  • require a that a supermajority be required for ALL substantive motions of the LNC for passage (Geoff Neale)

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