Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proposal #23: Make Party’s Purpose More Focused

DRAFT This is a draft proposal which has not yet been voted on by the committee.

Proposed by Aaron Starr.

  • Problem: The bylaw that spells out our Party’s purpose is a laundry list of tasks, rather than a bold statement of what we want to accomplish.
  • Solution: Make our purpose emphasize what we want to accomplish – being an effective political party that changes public policy by electing our candidates to public office.
  • Benefits: A short statement of purpose better focuses us on our Party’s real mission.

Bylaws of the Libertarian Party


The Party is organized to implement and give voice to the principles embodied in the Statement of Principles by: functioning as a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements; moving public policy in a libertarian direction by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office; chartering affiliate parties throughout the United States and promoting their growth and activities; nominating candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States, and supporting Party and affiliate party candidates for political office; and, entering into public information activities.

Our purpose is to defend freedom and expand liberty by electing Libertarian candidates to public office.


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  1. Though I like the idea of streamlining the statement, I oppose the proposed change. My reason - if this is our purpose, we are a miserable failure, and will likely continue to be.

  2. If we are just trying to get Libertarians elected then it will come at a heavy cost now and won't build the party for later. What's the difference between a heavily statist Libertarian and a heavily statist other? Nothing, they are both still statists.

    And I agree with Matt.