Saturday, February 15, 2014

Proposal #1b: Electronic Meetings for Larger Boards and Committees

DRAFT This is a draft proposal which has not yet been voted on by the committee.

Proposed by Aaron Starr.

  • Problem: Several years ago our bylaws were updated to allow meetings via teleconference or videoconference for boards and committees of nine or fewer. The thinking at the time was that it may be too difficult to conduct such meetings with larger groups while preserving the rights of the participants.
  • Solution: We are not sure that this is going to work. We want to allow meetings of a larger size to use videoconference technology, but we need to assure ourselves that the technology can accommodate the needs of the organization and meet certain specifications, such as requiring that participating members are able to see and hear each other.
  • Benefits: Potentially allows for more cost-effective meetings while preserving the rights of participants and observers.

Bylaws of the Libertarian Party


Boards and committees having fewer than ten members may conduct business by teleconference or videoconference. Boards and committees of any size may conduct business by videoconference. Business conducted by videoconference is required to meetall of the following conditions:

  1. two-thirds of the members give advance written approval of the technology
  2. all participants shall participate by videoconference and using the same technology
  3. the technology allows all participating members to simultaneously see and hear each other, and no participating member can be deprived of the right to be recognized or raise a point of order
  4. the technology has sufficient capacity to accommodate observers who want to view and listen to the proceedings while not in executive session without being able to interrupt the meeting
  5. the technology allows for written motions to be submitted and displayed during the meeting
  6. at least seven days’ notice is required to call a meeting unless all members waive such notice.
Each such board or committee shall have power to adopt special rules of order and standing rules to facilitate the conduct of business by teleconference or videoconference.


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1 comment:

  1. 2.all participants shall participate by videoconference and using the same technology

    Please remove this. Same technology isn't really possible regardless. Someone will argue "he's on an iPhone that's not the same technology" also, I have a guess that, against libertarian principles, some boards may choose to use propritary software, and some of our membes will refuse to do so, using only GNU/Linux and other Free Software. While peronsally I'd like to see a requirement to use Free Software, I'm not going to start that debate at this time. Simply remove number 2 and I think it has merrit.