Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proposal #22: Define in Advance the Agreement between the Party and the Presidential Campaign

DRAFT This is a draft proposal which has not yet been voted on by the committee.

Proposed by Aaron Starr.

  • Problem: The Bylaws specify that the LNC must provide "full support" to the national candidate selected by the delegates. Sometimes the Presidential nominee does not know what to reasonably expect from Party, nor does he or she understand what corresponding duty his or her campaign has to the Party. Such a situation can leave both parties disappointed.

    In the past, a contract between the candidate and the LNC has been signed sometimes one or two months after the nomination. The Bylaws do not create any strong incentive for that to happen promptly and by then it’s too late to set reasonable expectations.
  • Solution: Specify in the Bylaws that the National Committee shall publish at least six months in advance a contract that states what the Party will do to support the candidate should he or she becomes the nominee and what the nominee will do for the Party. The candidate need not sign the contract until just prior to the nomination.
  • Benefits: Having an agreement published in advance makes it clear to all parties what should be reasonably expected of each. And upon nomination, the Party shall already have a contract with the nominee, so time can be better spent campaigning, rather than negotiating support.

Bylaws of the Libertarian Party


  1. Not less than six months prior to each Regular Convention whose order of business includes selecting Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, the National Committee shall publish a contract specifying the terms by which the Party and the Presidential and Vice-presidential campaign shall assist and support each other. The Chair shall sign on behalf of the Party with anyone who otherwise qualifies and desires to be our candidate. Only those persons who have signed prior to the close of nominations and are in compliance with the contract shall be recognized as candidates and be eligible to be nominated for President or Vice-President.
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1 comment:

  1. I basically agree with the goal here, but I oppose this change. The delegates should be free to nominate anyone they want for POTUS or VP. The requirement for pre-nomination signing of the contract is simply a restriction on the delegates.

    Publishing a contract 6 months before the convention may be a good idea though. It will clarify the party's expectations/support.